Ricardo Moran 

Poems Hanging Out With New Friends. 

Short Stories

When your protagonist folds her arms and says,

"A novel? Forget it. This ends now."

"Rebecca" is featured in the

2018 Willa Cather Foundation anthology,

"After Antonia." 

When your poem looks into your eyes and says,

"I want to see other people."

"Bladen," "Geneva," and "Bomb Cyclone" find their rhythmn on the Nebraskan plains. 

"The Dairy Mart," "Streets of Tirana," and "Mirupafshim (Goodbye)" say hello to Nebraska.

"Broadway & 9th" -happiness comes in unexpected ways. 

Out and About Having a Good Time...

Perceptions Magazine: June 2021 issue. "Tepelenë" and "Our Lady of the EBT."

San Diego Writers Ink: 2021 A Year in Ink Anthology. "When Jesus Left Me at the Altar"

Other Wordly Women Press: 2021 Summer Anthology. "Till the Heart"

Beatific Magazine: 2021 Fall Issue. "Beer Bottles from the Stars" and "Sandia"

The Seattle Star: April-2021. "The Madonna"

DASH Literary Journal: May 2021 Issue. "Heterosexual Dictatorship", "5th Grade", and

"The Knives are Out"

The Potomac Review: Fall 2021 Issue. "Abandon the 'O' ".

Evening Street Press & Review: 2022 Issue. "That Ford Escort" and "Paper Twitter" 

Cider Press Review: March 2022 Issue. "Time to Think"

Midwest Quarterly: Fall 2021 Issue. "Two Skies"

Glint Literary Journal: December 2021, Issue 12. "The Holy Ghost Ate the Stars"

Brief Wilderness: October 2021. "Saturday Morning" & "Tunnel of Miracles"

Wrath-Bearing Tree: March 2022 Issue. "ABBA-1975" & "On the Street"

Nebraska Writers Guild: Voices from the Plains Anthology, Vol. 5: December 2021

"Saint Cecilia" "Poplar Street" & "Time to Move On"

The Round (Brown University): January 2022-Issue XXII. "The Smashing Pumpkins"

Slab (Slippery Rock University): April 2022-Issue 17. "It Felt Like a Wednesday"

NEW!!! East Jasmine Review: September/October 2022. "Trashy Saint", "When Saturn Came Home", "One Note", & "Blue Light Special". 

"Road Trip" is worth the drive and savors each moment.

"These Words" because words can transform and heal.