Did I mention that I am a huge Willa Cather fan?

Super huge.   

I've visited her childhood home in Red Cloud, Nebraska, several times.  When you go upstairs, her bedroom has remnants of the original wallpaper!

It was like entering a holy shrine.

I wish I could live that 1880s life every single day, but with electricity, indoor plumbing, central air, antibiotics, the internet, and access to chocolate any time I want. 

Nebraska. It's Definitely for Me.

Mzizovic, Czech Republic, July 2018.

Ultimate Nerd Moment.  Paid a taxi driver to drive 45 minutes outside Prague to a tiny village for a photo-op.

The home in the photo is where Annie Sadilek was born on March 11, 1869.  In 1880, Annie's family immigrated to Webster County in central Nebraska.  Annie was the inspiration for "Antonia"  in Willa Cather's novel My Antonia.

Willa Cather is My God.

The best volunteer-led non-profit that I have had the privilege to join. 

Even if you are not from Nebraska, you can become a member. 

They've got anthologies, poetry chapbooks, conferences, volunteer opportunities, etc. 

Matt Mason is the former executive director of this great organization. 

Every year, he organized a poetry competition called "Louder than a Bomb" for high school students in the Midwest. 

Matt is the current Nebraska State Poet and has made it his mission to host a poetry event in every county in Nebraska during his term. 

Renowned Nebraskan author and state poet laureate John Neihardt has a center and garden dedicated to his works in prose and poetry which focus on spirituality, Native Americans, and the American West.

His poetry collection, A Cycle of the West, and his nonfiction book, Black Elk Speaks, are two of his landmark writings.

The Center includes the studio where Neihardt wrote while living in Bancroft, Nebraska, about an hour and a half north of Omaha.

1st Stop- Pavelka Farm outside Bladen, Nebraska.  June 2018.

This is the farm where Annie Sadilek (Pavelka) lived with her family near Bladen in Webster County, Nebraska. Annie was the inspiration for "Antonia" in Willa Cather's novel My Antonia.