Ricardo Moran 

Stories are powerful, but only when they are shared.  Because I was afraid to fail I didn't write for many years.  But I realized that if I didn't write, nothing would ever change.   

Over time, I lugged myself to writing workshops for fiction, poetry, novels, and plays.

Sometimes, I was surprised by what I had written. 

Other times, I would camp by the vending machine wondering if I should also give up on my diet. 

But with persistence, eventually all things change.  And I am proud to say that in 2017, I was one of 12 finalists in the We Need Diverse Books picture book contest.

And in 2020, I received the Peter K. Hixson Memorial Award for Poetry.   

I am a huge Willa Cather fan and visit Red Cloud, Nebraska.  I am also a member of the
Nebraska Writers Guild

I am currently learning Albanian, including its poetry, culture, and history. I have a wonderful online instructor who is very patient with me and my habit of trying to remake Albanian into Spanish. 

I'm really glad you're here. Have a look around.
I hope you find something you like. 

A little birdie told me...to spill it.

July 2018. Island off the coast of Helsinki. 

Heatwave. After one hour of walking, I'd given up and could not trudge any further. This is where I will remain, I told myself.  But then I had a craving for ice cream and that was the end of that.