Ricardo Moran 

I write poetry and fiction to live many lives within this one.
Saying things you shouldn't say makes for good writing. 

     I learned this quickly growing up in the border             region of southern California in the 1970s and             1980s.

And I'm not talking about the pretty southern California you find on TV, but the inland desert where high unemployment and environmental pollution are the norm.  

Poetry, short stories, plays, and a rough draft of a novel is what I am working on.  

I also write children's picture books. 

Yes, picture books. 

      That's not a typo.

I write because I want to experience life through many perspectives and experiences. 

     And the only way to do that is through characters       in stories and through poetry. 

     And there's also this feeling of being out of place.

     I tell people that in my past life I was an Albanian       Jewish person who had immigrated to Nebraska.         Because only then would my entire life make               sense. 

     So, my writing reflects that.

    I also have an obsession with the multiverse                theory where I am a different individual in                    each reality.

     I hope that in one of them I am wearing a watch         since I'm always late.

     Years ago, I taught adult ESL classes and I read         picture books to children as part of a volunteer gig. 

      Maybe one day I will do those things again.

      For the past two years, I have been a board                  member of San Diego Writers, Ink, a San                      Diego-based non-profit for writers. 

      I like meeting people from everywhere and                  anywhere.

      However, people in the middle of nowhere have          the best stories.

      Drop me a message anytime.


"Saturday Morning" & "Tunnel of Miracles"

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Brief Wilderness.

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November 2019.  Zagreb, Croatia.

Hanging out with the father of modern Croatian poetry, Antun Gustav Matos.  We stayed up until midnight trading stories.  Then I couldn't remember my way back to the hotel.

Photo credit: Jim Martin

When writing, it's open season.